The Golf Biz #20: Here comes the BOOM! Capitalizing on the Influx of New Golfers, Young and Old Featuring Dan Schneider.

Join us in this episode as we sit down with Legendary AZ Jr Golf Supporter Dan Schneider to talk about the recent worldwide boom in golf! We talk shop about the increase in interest surrounding golf as a whole in the past year and a half from everybody young and old and how best to capitalize on this action. We know that in business this type of momentum doesn’t last forever, so it is imperative that the industry makes the right choices to acquire the new customers and adapt to keep them engaged in the long run. We also spend time talking to Dan about the amazing work he has done in the AZ Junior golf scene in bringing the sport to countless juniors. Making sure to make golf inclusive and lowering the barrier to entry are a few of the keys points he makes, as well as taking what’s commonly an individual sport and finding creative ways to create a team atmosphere in his clinics and programs. Thank you for joining and be sure to share this with anyone you think would be interested and (comment/subscribe/leave a review whatever is relevant on the specific platform). Most importantly, we hope we made you smile!
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