The Golf Biz #17 - The Good, Bad & Ugly of Starting a New Management Deal at a New Property

This goes for any and every business, the majority of people do not like change!! So it’s safe to say that when we take over management or ownership of a course, there is The Good, The Bad & Ugly. On this episode, Mikey, Drew and I discuss best practices and mindset when we take over the management of a property. As we share our past experiences, there is humor, humility, and even a little bit of wisdom ?. One of the biggest challenges when shifting the culture within a course, the existing team not only struggles with change in general but when asked to buy into the non-traditional Paradigm Principles can be difficult or sometimes impossible for some. This does not make these team members bad, incompetent, or resistant, it makes it not a good fit and change needs to take place. This episode will showcase examples of huge success in turning around courses along with mistakes along the way that we will call learning moments. We believe strongly in partnerships rather than third-party management deals. The difference is the way we structure our management agreements to be performance-based rather than ones that lock in an owner no matter how we perform. Our formula for success is Happy Customers + Motivated Team = Profitable Growth. Enjoy the episode and please leave any comments or perspectives. If you ever have any questions, curiosity or would like to discuss the episode further please give me a call. For anyone that is currently in the Golf Business or interested in getting into it, please feel free to reach out. Hope We Make You Smile!
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