The Golf Biz #16 - The Golf Biz meets Good Good

This week Mikey D, Drew, and Joe hang out with Garrett Clark, Micah Morris, and Matt Scharff; three of the five guys that make up the rapidly growing Youtube channel and clothing brand “Good Good”.

Listen along, as they share the story of how they each found their way together, as well as where they see themselves in 5 years. Hear their thoughts on just how powerful “ignoring the noise” has been for them, and how a few seemingly small decisions paired with a clear mission to expand the game of golf has led this group of close friends to gain so much traction in the massively competitive business space that is social media. Thank you for tuning in, and we hope we make you smile!



Good Good: @goodgood

Garrett Clark: @Gm_Golf and @garrettj_clark

Matt Scharff: @mattscharff

Micah Morris: @micahtmorris

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