The Golf Biz #15 - The Power of Paying on Performance

Let’s be real, the golf industry has always set a low standard when it came to paying their team and we feel strongly that this is a big mistake. On this episode, Joe, Mikey D & Drew and Jacquelyn “Stone Cold” Porman discuss The Power of Paying On Performance. Jacquelyn is the Lead Sales & Service Specialist at Dobson Ranch Golf Course and has done an amazing job growing the business and instilling a fun, friendly, and even competitive culture at the Ranch.

You would hope that every golf course would be looking for any edge they can get, however, when it comes to hiring, training, and compensating their team, they do the exact opposite. Most golf course managers and operators forget that your frontline and day-to-day leadership are responsible for your most important asset. So paying as little as possible with no incentive or hiring someone that only wants free golf, is a for sure way NOT to be successful.

We understand that golf courses may not have the resources to pay high salaries or wages, so Pay On Performance… Look at all of your profit streams and/or centers and pay on sales, revenue improvement, profit growth, guest reviews… whatever ways you want to grow.

We will share with great levity, passion, and experience on the Power of Paying On Performance. Enjoy the episode and please leave any thoughts or feedback.

Hope We Make You Smile..:)

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