The Golf Biz #14 - The Not So Silent Business Killer

On this episode Joe, Mikey D & Drew discuss with great experience and humor, the flaw of the Annual Membership and what to do if you want your course not just survive but thrive… First of all, we are not referring to a Private Club. The Not So Silent Business Killer, The Annual Membership is the failed business model that many public golf courses create and offer due to a lack of marketing expertise or trying to mimic the failing or barely solvent course down the street. The problem with this membership product and/or business model is that it entitles the golfer (member) primetime inventory, unlimited access to other profit centers (range, f and b etc..) and access to share or even demand the way the course should be managed and marketed, AT A ROCK BOTTOM PRICE!!! In addition, when calling them “members” it empowers them to dominate the time and energy of the entire management and front-line service team. Hence, no one is focusing on acquiring new customers or providing memorable service to the other customers playing their course. The problem is not the “member” it is the product and/or business model. The sure way to fail is to give all your prime inventory, attention, and energy to a group that pays the least. One consistent challenge with all the courses we have helped that had an Annual Membership product is that their average green fee was at least 50% lower than their daily fee guest. If you are going to do an Annual Membership at a low price, make it only valid in your off-peak times and use the creative strategies we share to fill the prime time with new high paying customers… Enjoy the episode and Hope We Make You Smile
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