The Golf Biz #13 - Paradigm Principle: Daily Operational Leadership is a must to maximize success...

One of the reasons that so many golf courses (and other businesses) never maximize their success, or even fail, is the lack of what we call Operational Leadership. On this episode, Joe, Mikey and Drew discuss Operational Leadership and why it is so important to have your property not just survive, but thrive. Operational Leadership is different than Management, and most operators don’t understand the difference. You manage budgets, schedules, inventory, systems, and processes, but who “Leads” the team and guest experience??? In the golf business, the more you move up or get promoted, typically you become less and less engaged or even aware of the daily operation and the more you manage the things shared above. This combined with a complete lack of training, prioritizing, and accountaability with your front-line team will leave our guest experience, team morale, and property's success left to chance. When implementing Operational Leadership, your property will have a designated team member that has been trained, inspired, and even rewarded to take full responsibility for the guest experience (first tee pairing, presentation, spacing), pace of play (directing and communication with LOD) service, smiles and sales along with team morale and efficiency. Management is important, but without Operational Leadership, you won’t have anything to manage. Enjoy the episode and please share you thoughts on our FB or IG pages. Hope We Make You Smile…
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