The Golf Biz #12 - More Than A Game, A Path To A World Of Opportunity…

"This episode is much different than previous ones. On this episode, Joe, Mikey D, Drew along with special guests Janai Porman and Ryan Barmore share their stories on how their parents sacrifice and commitment led them to not only a career in golf but many amazing memories. Although all their stories and path to the golf business are a little different, they all share the loss and loving memory of a father or mother that led them to the game. This episode is a tribute to their parents along with the many other parents and people that made the commitment and sacrifice to introduce the game of golf to someone that needed some hope, joy and opportunity. Knowing how big of an impact the game of golf has had in their lives, The Golf Biz team along with Dobson Ranch Golf Course and Action Golf Cars have launched the Pops & Jr. Youth Golf Program. The program is going to introduce golf, bring smiles and create opportunity for kids that may not have the opportunity or resources. Enjoy and please share your story how the game of golf has had a positive impact in your life or a loved on that made it possible. "
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