Working With Your Spouse - Good Idea?

Could you work day-in and day-out with your spouse or partner?  Most people believe that working together is a sure-fire recipe for disaster, either at home, at the office, or both. In this episode, Joe, Mikey D, Drew and  their significant others share their story of starting, building and managing a Golf Management business for […]

Are You on The Slippery Slope to Failure?

Most golf courses fail and most management companies fail to rescue distressed golf courses because they lean on traditional golf course management models and practices that place them directly atop the dreaded, slippery slope to financial instability and ultimately, closure or land-repurposement. At Paradigm Golf Group, an incentive-based golf course management, and ownership company, we […]

It’s Golf! We’re Not Saving Lives.

Let’s be real, if you play golf or have been around golf courses for any period of time, you’ve had this thought; “why is everyone so serious? Lighten up! You’re not saving lives!”  Traditionally, golf courses generate that kind of environment because they have tended to focus on upholding rich traditions, decorum, and the integrity […]
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